Friday, April 18, 2014

Cheers for the A Day

I originally worked on this dress to enter the Pattern Review New to Me Pattern Contest.  This pattern is from Sewn called the Go Anywhere Dress and it is exactly that.  Unfortunately I missed the deadline to enter the contest : (

It's hard to tell from these photos, but the dress is mini black & white houndstooth.  The fabric came from and is a cotton-poly blend woven.
It has great shaping, which I accentuated with red piping.  
It also has cute pockets.  They have a pleat in them, but the pleat didn't look right with this particular dress, so I re-cut the pockets to lay flat.  

All in all a very flattering and wearable dress.  I may even wear it for the A Day game tomorrow.
Roll Tide Roll!

Happy Creating everybody! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Double Take +1

Since I like to sew things in multiples - each new chance allows me to correct minor fit issues while still fresh in my mind - the Monthly Stitch challenge for April is Sewing Double.  Easy peasy!

This is the Scout woven tee from Grainline studio.

The first one is this peach woven rayon.  Yummy fabric!  
I cut out my size according to the pattern measurements, a size 6.  It was very tight in the shoulders and arms, even after adding length between the shoulder seam and armhole.  

Since I really wanted to salvage the fabric, I added a panel in the back - a 3" panel - and it fits just fine now.  

I'll call it a design feature : )

The second time, I reprinted the pattern and cut out a size 10.  This is a rayon ikat print from  I think it's my favorite top of any in my closet right now!

It kinda skims the tummy area and glides over hips.  Makes my legs look super slender. 

This double +1 version (yes, that's the third) I used a woven rayon with a scalloped edge.  Had to be a bit careful in cutting the length since there was no chance for a re-do.  

When sewing this one I was about finished and was pressing it when I discovered there was a tiny flaw in the fabric in the back.  Arghhh!  Somehow it was missed in the cutting and sewing stages...
Anyway, not wanted to toss the whole project, I reversed the front and back and sewed a pocket from scraps to cover the hole.  (I did patch the hole so it wouldn't spread.)

This makes the back go very low, but come warmer weather it will be fine.  Right now when I wear an undershirt for warmth, the undershirt shows in the back.  Oh well.  

Overall this is a great little shirt and these tees are getting a good bit of wear!

Happy Creating everyone!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Looking forward to Linen Days

Do you wear linen?  

Ever since I discovered you could throw it in the washer & dryer, I'm a fan.  It continues to soften with each wash!
These pants are Vogue 8751 which is OOP (out of print) now.   I saw them reviewed on Pattern Review several weeks ago and immediately searched on eBay and bought them.

The fabric is from Fabric-Store, a great online linen only source.  I found them recommended on Pattern Review as well.  I have only washed these one time, so I cannot say how they handle over time.  This is their rustic linen weight and it is very nice for pants.
These pants are more wide legged than I am used to, but all fashion indications are that wide legs are in for spring.  So I'll give them a try, but not sure I'll make a second pair as wide at the hem as these.  

I kinda feel like they slow me down a bit!

I had some fun on the insides : )

This is coffee bean quilting fabric for the waistband lining and pockets.  It decreased the bulk in those areas where I don't need any more bulk!

I haven't decided yet, but I may re-hem them to wear with flats instead of heels.  Any thoughts on that?

Happy Sewing everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sandra & Me

This is the Miss Bossy Patterns month at The Monthly Stitch - a place where sewers are given a monthly challenge or goal to sew something around a common theme.  For March, we posted 3 patterns and had readers vote, or boss us around, as to which pattern we would sew.  

This was one of the patterns I asked people to vote on.  It was not the winner.  However, I needed to do something rather easy as my mind has been overwhelmed with the details of my Mother staying with us (indefinitely).  

I hope I get forgiven for doing extra credit before doing my required homework!  

This is the Sandra Betzina for Vogue pattern 1297.  The fabric is a ponte knit from Fabric Mart that I purchased for $4.99 during their ponte sale recently.  This is 4 yards - so a $20 dress that looks like it cost so much more!

I made view B (above).  The other option in the pattern has a lot of gathering on those side pieces that I thought would not be flattering.  

You can see the vertical seam lines if you look carefully.

As it is, I originally sewed in the pockets on this dress.  Pockets are really nifty.  However, they added way too much bulk and so they got serged right out!  The dress hangs much better now.  
I had a lady come up to me in church today and ask about the dress.  She was amazed by it.  That was pretty neat!

Probably the only change I'll make next time is to lengthen the bodice an inch or two above the flares.  

Ponte is a great option for this pattern.  It calls for a knit, and I have contemplated using a linen or perhaps a stripe of some kind.  That will mean needing to add a side zipper because this is slightly fitted through the bust and I don't think a non-stretchy fabric would go over ones head.

It was fun to wear : )

Happy Creating everyone!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Three Times the Charm

Pants Pants Pants!

So I'm into the Monthly Stitch challenges and the February challenge was to sew pants.  The April challenge is multiples - so I'm a little ahead : )  Actually, I sew most garments in at least 2's, so I'm still thinking about how to make the April challenge more exciting.

These are Style Arc's Wallis ponte pants.  

I started with the black ponte Italian knit and they are yummy!  Heavyweight fabric so I feel secure in them.  The middle pair is a super stretchy jacquard print of leaves and I have no idea from where it came, it just made great pants.  The third pair is a reddish brown bottom weight knit.  My local fabric store had it on the clearance rack because there was fading on the center fold.  That wasn't a problem because cutting out pants doesn't use the center fold : )

leaf pair

I have blogged about the first 2 pair here and here.  

On the brown pair you can actually see the seam rolling forward - it is a design feature of these pants.  I did add width in the calves on the brown pair.  The leaf pair sometimes bunch at the knees and need to be pulled down periodically - like after sitting...but they will be great tucked into boots.

I'm quite happy with my new legging type stretchy pants that are long enough and quick to make!

Happy Creating everyone!