Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weaving Double a New Way

There is a home show I've been invited to participate in this fall - do you have those where you live?  Several crafts people get together and set up in one person's home and sell their goods for the holidays.  It's a mini crafts fair and provides original gifts for friends for the holidays as well as a little extra cash for the sellers.  I have been asked to be the weaver for this particular show, called "Creative Chaos."  

So I have been thinking about selling my woven items again.  There was a big pile mounting up, so it was good timing.  Now I need to actually finish the scarves and lining of the purses!  

In an effort to see how much I could accomplish, and in the "What if..." spirit, I tried weaving two scarves at the same time on the same rigid heddle loom.

I warped with various threads including wetspun linen (which has zero stretch), novelty and cottons.  I do not do wools or any animal fibers because of allergies.
One was intended to be the dark one, and one the light one.
I decided to use the exact same weft threads so there would be no difference when beating the shed.  

Here is one of those puff ball yarns.  I just pulled out the puffs to make them more prominent.  It turned out pretty neat!

Then at the end of the weaving, I unrolled the beginning and wove the two warp ends together to make an infinity loop.
Here is the final product on the dress form!   
No sewing!  
Except, on this one.  
You see, when I rolled the scarf onto the roller in order to be able to weave the beginning ends into the final ends, I failed to unwrap it from around the bar!  I had to cut it off the loom.  Arghhh!  

I actually moved the whole scarf and loom close to my sewing machine to make 2 lines of straight stitching on each side of where I was going to cut before ever cutting.  Then I serged the edges, then seamed them and top stitched them down. 
Here is the darker version.  I did it correctly the first time and didn't have to cut it from the loom : )
Here you can see it is one complete loop with the warp ends woven together.

The idea of weaving two at once worked well.  Doing the final weave of the warp ends could have been saved for a single scarf and would have been less overwhelming.  

Ever woven twice at once?
Here is my helper in my lap!

Happy Creating everyone!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Raglans Version 4 - the Final!

This is the last tee I created from Kwik Sew 2874.  This is my favorite : )

I cut the front and back much longer - tunic kind of length.  

Then it sat in the UFO (un-finished object) pile for several weeks!  As the deadline for the tee contest was approaching, I knew it needed finishing.  

It was just so plain.  That's when I thought about using a Tina Givens trick and pleat up one side.  I love it!  

Then on the bottom, I added a strip of mesh to tie it all together.  

It is sewn with the coverstitch.  Both pieces are right side up with the tee over the mesh by ½".  The sleeves are hemmed with the coverstitch as well.  I usually just serge the edges of mesh, but the coverstitch worked wonderfully!

Happy Creating everyone!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Raglans Version 3

Again, as in the last 2 posts, here is Kwik Sew 2874.  

This is some kind of 2 sided knit I picked up at Joann.  It was on sale and I liked the 2 different looks.  

The sleeves are one side and the body is the other.  I originally had the sleeves as the dots, but the body in stripes was not lovely : (

You can see how uber stretchy this knit is in this photo - my jeans fly, waistband, and pockets are all very visible!

This tee is mostly for fun!  I like ruffles and they worked well on this.  Not sure how much wear it will get.  That may be a good thing.  According to another blogger I follow, this fabric looked worn after just a few washings.

It will be good for early fall wear!

Happy Creating everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Raglans Version 2

Again using Kwik Sew 2874, here is the second version of the raglan tee.  

This is a muted olive green rayon lycra (yum!) with stretch lace overlaid on the front.  I purchased the lace originally for undergarments, but it was too difficult to work with, so this was a great option for using some of it up.

The lace overlay and green knit were held as one piece and sewn together.  They were hemmed together as well.  This photo shows the coverstitch on the wrong side.

The back.  It is a little longer than the front.  Hi-low, or so they say.

You can see the hi-low effect better in this photo.

Overall this is a great pattern for quick tees.  It does lend to a more casual look than regular set sleeves.  

Stay tuned for versions 3 & 4!

Happy Creating everyone!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raglans Version 1 - with Vest!

This is the first raglan I've made for the Pattern Review tee contest.  The pattern is Kwik Sew 2874.    The mesh knit is from Fabric Mart, lined on the front and back bodice with a cotton lycra from who knows where.  

It makes a great basic tee for the fall months. 

This is how I had to lay out the raglan - seams together.  I then took two pieces at a time to the machine and sewed before doing anything else!

How about a matching vest?!

I also drafted this vest from some mid weight linen from  Great linen!

It is lined in the front panel with the mesh.  I actually made the vest first and used the mesh so it wouldn't be so thick in the front.  

There is a wide panel down the front for visual interest.  

It took me several months of trying to decide how and where to put the buttons.  Such can be the case when you draft from scratch!

Here is a view of the inside.

And the back

In this photo, you can see that the tee follows my womanly curves.  It is cut smaller through the chest, then gradually gets wider to accommodate my pear shape.

And "in process" photo.  My daughter got shutter happy : )

This pattern is a very quick sew and it is quite comfortable to wear.

Happy Creating everyone!