Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sorbetto and #300

This is my 300th post to Color Fiber Texture!  Yay!  

I'm sure glad I have a name that can encompass all the variations of interests over the years.  

Let's see, there is a little COLOR - artsy quilting for example! 
You can follow the link above for a page of finished quilts.

COLOR also includes Batik!  I've used both regular beeswax and soy wax.  Here's a post on using Soy Wax.  

Then there is FIBER - Weaving anyone?  
One of this blogs all-time more popular posts is the Tutorial on Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom.  


There are other ways of expressing through COLOR, FIBER & TEXTURE all over the blog. Which is your favorite?  

Now, on to the Sorbetto top!

This makes the 4th or 5th Sorbetto I've sewn so far - it's a great easy pattern!  Here's the link to the free download of the pattern.  

This is from an all-purpose weight linen (IL019) from Fabric Store.  They only sell linen and know more about the subtleties than anyone out there.  

I think this linen is a little heavy for this top.  Next time I'll use the lighter weight.  As I was about to put on the bias tape, it just seemed so plain.  So a little lace added just enough interest.

The only problem is the neckline is wider than all the other Sorbetto tops I've made.  You can see how it is barely staying on the Ms Dressform.  All the tops have been cut and sewn by the same exact paper pattern.  Hmmm....

Not really sure how to tighten up a top at the shoulders.  Suggestions welcome!

Have you sewn a Sorbetto yet?

Happy Creating everyone!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bananas for Summer Dress

How others see my dress

How I see my dress

Remember the Chiquita Banana lady? 

This dress ended up being kinda cute, but the fabric sure was a pain.  It is a woven cotton with a sheen on one side.  The weave is looser so it slips around easily and getting a straight edge was near impossible.  It also did not press well at all.  

This is the last time I try to use up fabric that just wasn't all that when it arrived from an online purchase.  It just wasn't worth it!

This is an OOP pattern and there is a good reason for that - the neckline was very difficult to apply.  
It is Simplicity 2702

I like yellow and wear it just fine, but this was an extreme color of yellow and I wasn't sure I wanted that right next to my face.  So I had this brilliant idea to put lace over the fabric on the yoke.  Well, the only lace I could find in my stash was a stretch lace.  

Can you see the bad decisions/mistakes piling up?!?

For the yoke, I carefully pinned the lace to the slippery fabric and sewed around the edges to hold it in place.  Next step:  rip one side where the lace stretched going around the curve.  Sew again.  Rip another side.  Sew again.  Ok.  It's good enough.  

Baste. Check. Sew.  
Each straight seam on the yoke was done in this manner.  

Have I mentioned this simple looking dress took about 12 hours to cut and sew? 

Also, I cut a size 16 based on the measurements.  Seems to fit my size 8-10 body just fine.

I originally cut the ¾ sleeves, but after one try on, it looked too dowdy.  Chop went the length and it suits the overall carefree look much better.

And the pocket...
I came upon the idea of using heat-n-bond cut in ½" strips to fold in the edges of the pocket so they would stay straight.  I used the same idea for the hem.  I placed & ironed the strips in the fold of the hem, and then hand hemmed the ¼" turn under for a neat look.  Is that clear as mud?

I am so glad to have this in my closet - finished.  I knew if I set it down it would never again get picked up.  

Sure hope I enjoy wearing it more than sewing it.

Happy creating everyone!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cheers for the A Day

I originally worked on this dress to enter the Pattern Review New to Me Pattern Contest.  This pattern is from Sewn called the Go Anywhere Dress and it is exactly that.  Unfortunately I missed the deadline to enter the contest : (

It's hard to tell from these photos, but the dress is mini black & white houndstooth.  The fabric came from and is a cotton-poly blend woven.
It has great shaping, which I accentuated with red piping.  
It also has cute pockets.  They have a pleat in them, but the pleat didn't look right with this particular dress, so I re-cut the pockets to lay flat.  

All in all a very flattering and wearable dress.  I may even wear it for the A Day game tomorrow.
Roll Tide Roll!

Happy Creating everybody! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Double Take +1

Since I like to sew things in multiples - each new chance allows me to correct minor fit issues while still fresh in my mind - the Monthly Stitch challenge for April is Sewing Double.  Easy peasy!

This is the Scout woven tee from Grainline studio.

The first one is this peach woven rayon.  Yummy fabric!  
I cut out my size according to the pattern measurements, a size 6.  It was very tight in the shoulders and arms, even after adding length between the shoulder seam and armhole.  

Since I really wanted to salvage the fabric, I added a panel in the back - a 3" panel - and it fits just fine now.  

I'll call it a design feature : )

The second time, I reprinted the pattern and cut out a size 10.  This is a rayon ikat print from  I think it's my favorite top of any in my closet right now!

It kinda skims the tummy area and glides over hips.  Makes my legs look super slender. 

This double +1 version (yes, that's the third) I used a woven rayon with a scalloped edge.  Had to be a bit careful in cutting the length since there was no chance for a re-do.  

When sewing this one I was about finished and was pressing it when I discovered there was a tiny flaw in the fabric in the back.  Arghhh!  Somehow it was missed in the cutting and sewing stages...
Anyway, not wanted to toss the whole project, I reversed the front and back and sewed a pocket from scraps to cover the hole.  (I did patch the hole so it wouldn't spread.)

This makes the back go very low, but come warmer weather it will be fine.  Right now when I wear an undershirt for warmth, the undershirt shows in the back.  Oh well.  

Overall this is a great little shirt and these tees are getting a good bit of wear!

Happy Creating everyone!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Looking forward to Linen Days

Do you wear linen?  

Ever since I discovered you could throw it in the washer & dryer, I'm a fan.  It continues to soften with each wash!
These pants are Vogue 8751 which is OOP (out of print) now.   I saw them reviewed on Pattern Review several weeks ago and immediately searched on eBay and bought them.

The fabric is from Fabric-Store, a great online linen only source.  I found them recommended on Pattern Review as well.  I have only washed these one time, so I cannot say how they handle over time.  This is their rustic linen weight and it is very nice for pants.
These pants are more wide legged than I am used to, but all fashion indications are that wide legs are in for spring.  So I'll give them a try, but not sure I'll make a second pair as wide at the hem as these.  

I kinda feel like they slow me down a bit!

I had some fun on the insides : )

This is coffee bean quilting fabric for the waistband lining and pockets.  It decreased the bulk in those areas where I don't need any more bulk!

I haven't decided yet, but I may re-hem them to wear with flats instead of heels.  Any thoughts on that?

Happy Sewing everyone!