Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Crafting, Sorting & Catching Up

I've been doing many things lately besides sewing.

In early November, I did my first home show with some of my weavings.  Around here, people with larger homes will invite up to 10 of their crafty friends to show and sell wares in their "show" before Christmas.  I did well enough to go back again next year.
Here are some rolled up scarves on display.  
They are in one of those fancy hard paper boxes you get at craft stores.  It worked really well for display as well as for transport.
After that show, I wasn't in the mood to weave right away, so I got out my glue gun and some scrapbooking paper and upcycled these perfectly good handle bags!
 Here are some close ups - 
 This one has braid glued over the edge of the heart.  The bottom design is all paper - no real ric rac!
 Simple is sometimes best.
I like this mittens one.  The scrapbook paper didn't quite reach the side of the bag, but fit perfectly over the logo.  Washi tape finished those edges.

Then I decided to clean out my yarn stash and sort it by value.
 This is the same photo in B & W - see how the yarns are arranged from white to black? 
 That's value.  If the value is correct, you can put any 2 colors together and it will look good.

But at the end of October, we spent a week on the Gulf.  It was glorious!

This is me with my husband in Seaside.  

I have been sewing, but not taking photos.  I'm sure some of you can relate...

Happy Creating everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Getting an Activewear Hug

I have never been the sporty type.  Yoga pants are something comfortable to wear around the house.  You know what I mean?!

This McCalls pattern - M6658 - is considered an activewear pattern but it could just as easily be considered loungewear or night clothes depending on fabric choices.  

This cocoon wrap had me intrigued - how did they get that from a flat piece of fabric? I just had to know.  

The drawing wasn't much help, so I couldn't wait to get into the envelope and see the pieces. 

The piece did take a little thinking outside the box to figure it out.  The collar is very large.  It is barely holding onto the dress form!

This is the corner of the back fitting into the front.  The sleeve opening is just below my thumb - you can see the turned under edge if you look closely.

The fabric I used was a slub knit from fabric.com.  It is very lightweight and drapey.  

The back is plain.  You can see how long down my arm is the opening.

This is 'how it works." 

Overall I am pleased with it.  The collar is very large and in this lightweight fabric it drapes over my shoulders and doesn't really stay put very well.  I think a loftier fabric choice would correct that.  But for lounging in jeans or yoga pants around the house, it does it's job of keeping the chill off.  It is like wearing a hug!

Happy Creating everyone!

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Vision and The Reality Don't Match

I was so excited about Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8975 dress.  Funky, modern, edgy and comfortable.  Great things in a summer dress!  But for me, reality just didn't measure up to my vision for this pattern.  

Here's the dress.
And the schematic drawing.

I did view B out of an ITY knit from Fabric.com or Fabric Mart, I forget which.  Either way, it is a heavier, springy, slinky knit that I loved until I worked with it.

First I am tall.  5'10" tall.  This pattern was not designed for someone my height.  I made my normal length addition between the shoulder and the underarm; this was based on the pattern tissue begin too tight under the arm.  Note to self - never make that adjustment on a springy, stretchy knit.  It was totally unnecessary and the dress kind of droops in that area.  
Here I am with my hands in the pockets holding them out.  

There is a point in the center front where there is an extra panel of fabric.  I dislike greatly sewing and turning on a point like that.  I am not that perfect a sewer to ever get it exactly right.  I sewed that point multiple times and finally just gave up figuring you really can't see the job I did on it with all the print going on!

I lengthened the bottom of the dress about 1 ½ inches.  Or tried to.  Not sure I got that correct.  It does some funky things under there.  When I walk,  it scoops my knees and feels very strange.

I also didn't want to mess with all those bias seems on the back so I drafted the back as one piece cut on the fold.  
It looks somewhat passable from the back.

This pattern is going in the trash.  Just not my thing.  Oh well, many others have had success with it and perhaps you have too!  This dress will go in the GoodWill pile...

Happy Creating everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Red Challis and New Boots

This is a red rayon challis self drafted top! Yes, I designed it myself! 

Looks pretty good with my new boots, eh?  I realize you can hardly see them with the lighting.  They are dark brown with a black band at the top.  
I have a thing for rayon challis.  It is exceptional to wear.  It feels like cotton.  It flows like a charmeuse.  It is w-a-y easier to sew than charmeuse!  The only issue I have is finding it!  Often when I do find it, the pattern printed onto it is hideous.  I know it is used for men's hawaiian shirts, but come on!  This was some challis I purchased a while ago from Fabric.com.  

As you can see, the front is pretty plain.  The sleeves have a little bell cuff with an outside pleat.  You can see a bit from this back view.
 Here you can see the cuff, as well as the back pleat.  It gives a little extra fabric where it is needed : )
Overall, I'm very pleased with this top!  

Happy Creating everyone!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Loungy Suede Shirt - Yay or Nay?

I really liked this pattern for a while and recently paired some light brown poly suede from my stash. I still like the concept, but something isn't quite right in the execution.  I think.  That is really what I am asking you dear readers to help with.  

It is McCalls 6603
Here is the schematic drawing
I did view A, mainly because I didn't want to mess with the hood with this poly suede.  It does have a nap.  Maybe the hood is what I liked about this pattern in the first place?!
As you can see, it is pretty much a big square with sleevelettes put on at the armholes and a large cowl at the neckline.  It seems like a bit of a snooze fest...
After looking at these photos, it is growing on me.  I think it is just more dressy than the one pictured on the pattern envelope and that is what I had in mind.  Perhaps if I make it again I could use a plaid flannel.

Any thoughts?

Happy Creating everyone!