Monday, January 20, 2014

Sweater Knit Dress II

My newest sweater knit dress from Vogue 1315 - Yay!  

I am learning to love dresses.  One item and you are done dressing!  No decisions about what to match with what, let alone decisions about accessorizing!  

I apologize for the less than wonderful photos.  Indoor ones were too dark and outdoor ones, like below, were very light.  Sigh...

Here is a close up of the fabric.  It is a thicker sweater knit from JoAnn in an olive with green cheetah print on it.  Not my usual style, but I really liked the feel of the fabric.  If this internet thing could only do touch you'd know why I just had to have it!  

As usual, I make things in twos.  Don't know why, I just do.  Now I have a pair of dresses out of sweater knits - they are absolutely yummy to wear!  

The first version can be seen in this blog post.  

Here's one last view - with my little HavaPoo Cricket as the picture spoiler.  She can spoil my pics anytime : )

Happy Creating everyone!

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