Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Double Take Tops

I recently purchased a sewing book on Amazon, "The Stylish Dress book - Wear with Freedom" by Yoshiko Tsukiori.

I really like the simple designs!  They can be greatly changed up with fabric choice.  This is design G, a longer length full top with buttons and gathering on the front, and gathering at the neckline and sleeves.  

The front is cut on the fold and a slice is made for the gathers.  A vertical cut is made to create 2 "halves" above that slice, which are folded back double to create the button placket.  Ingenious and simple!

The first version is made from an olive silk voile from Fabric Mart.  It is light as a breeze but has some warmth because of the silk.  This is super comfortable to wear!  I have no pics wearing it because there was no photographer available that day...and I thought Ms Dolly Dressform would provide a nice change of pace!

As I went to the fabric store to get buttons, a different fabric jumped into my cart and I knew it was perfect for a second version.

The colors are scrumptious and I realize in the photo you can't really see the button band.  Oh well.  Its' there!

The only changes I made were to shorten the sleeves for warmer weather and add a tie to the sides to take in some of the fullness.  Many of the lagenlook pieces are cut very large and then have ties for function and style.  This way, more sizes can fit the same garment.  And it does provide some shape to an otherwise boxy top.

Even though the Monthly Stitch Sewing Double month of April is nearly over, I'll still be doing things in duplicate because that's just the way it goes!

Do you sew double?

Happy Creating everyone!

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  1. Oh that is so pretty! And sewing double is the way to go!


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