Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rosie is the New Tried and True

When I purchased my first Style Arc patterns this year, the free pattern was the Rosie Top.  It's a great pattern!  

I've been thinking about what to use from my stash and thought about linen.  But hold that thought.  The above aqua blue top is my wearable muslin!  Dontcha just love when that happens?!

I changed the direction of the writing, which reads as stripes, to add some interest.  It turned out quite well.  It is quilting cotton.  It is a little stiff for the pattern, but still works.  This is the back view.

In the second view, I did alter the pattern to add about an inch between the shoulder and the armhole. It's nice that the armhole is the sleeve so there isn't a sleeve cap alteration.

This version is a peach linen with lace overlay in the center panel.  To do the overlay, I placed the lace over the linen and cut the two fabrics together.

Then before I lifted them off the cutting table, I basted them together by hand.  Then it was immediately taken to the machine and the side seams were sewn so nothing slipped.


Lastly, I decided to use this rayon challis fabric that had been cut into a Burda dress on which I just couldn't figure out how to complete the sewing.  It had been wadded in a UFO pile for about a year.  It is the perfect drape for this top.

On this version of the Rosie, I took up some of that inch I added in version #2 (I can't remember how much...) and then also added length to the sleeve.  I really like the added 2" of sleeve!  Here is the top with cropped jeans and my first pair of thong sandals since, well, I can't remember when.

The back curves nicely and that back pleat allows for a more shapely silhouette.  The sleeve gives just a little more coverage and allows me to not have to always carry around a sweater for the summer months when the air conditioning feels like an arctic blast in most retail stores and offices.  

A better look at the sleeves and the seam lines, if you look closely.

Did I mention I really like this top?!  This pic is after church worn with the linen pants that used to be full length (see post here).  I thought the fullness of the pant and my long legs just took up too much visual space and made me look large.  I also had to walk slower since there was so much pant leg!  I chopped them off so I could wear them with both heels and flats. 

I already am thinking about my next Rosie...maybe a color block?!?

Do you have a favorite top pattern that is your new tried and true (tnt)?  

Happy Creating everyone!


  1. I love all your versions... each is so different that you don't realize it is the same pattern. I like the color block idea!

    1. Let me know if you do the color block - I want to see it!

  2. These are all wonderful-thanks for the photo essay of all your versions of this cute top.

    1. Thanks for the feedback - I will do my best to include more good photos in the future : )

  3. These are great! I made a muslin of this pattern, but it just didn't fit. I really like the style, so maybe I will try it again.

    1. Now I need to rethink the Wardrobe Architect...


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